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Thursday, August 9, 2012

exploration lab :: photocopied self portraits

As I mentioned yesterday, we are digging the embellished photocopied projects. Our co-op got together and made self- portraits using this method. 

First, we looked at artists' self-portraits and talked about what we could tell about the subject by the way they chose to depict themselves. 

Then, the kids used a variety of art materials to tell the story of who they are through their photocopied faces. At first glance, they look a little creepy, with the rich oil pastels covering up their faces, but after talking to the kids it was fascinating how they decided to portray themselves.

 This kid is really into electronics and robots, so he transformed himself into an electric machine. 

This child is a budding naturalist. He drew vines all over his hair and body and gave himself a reptile eye honoring one of his favorite types of creatures. The eye patch was both practical (he did not like how his eye was placed in the photograph) and symbolic (showing that he has a great love of adventure).

My daughter is into shopping, fashion and make-up right now. She drew little pictures in the background to represent these budding areas of interest.

This project looked so fun, I thought it might be cool to do with adults. You could write or paint or collage yourself. 

The possibilities...

Have you done this too? How did the portraits turn out?


  1. Yikes! lol They do look creepy...but I bet this is something that my girls would love also :)

  2. How do you photocopy your face? Didn't the light burn their eyes? Super interested to try this!

    1. The face ones are photocopies of photos. We did try some face ones (with eyes closed) but they were mushy and distorted.


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