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Monday, August 27, 2012

monday mission :: find your local wildlife rehab

Monday Missions: a simple idea to add a little magic to your week.

This week's mission is a little serious, but important. I urge you to find your local wildlife rehab center. Maybe you have already done this and can share in the comments. If not, please take the time to prepare yourself in the event you find an injured wild animal. Put the number and address in a place you can find it easily if you need it.

Our family seems to attract wildlife that needs help. In the past few years we have taken in countless birds, squirrels and just last week an owl (the one in the picture above- unfortunately he died later that night). 

Kids do not want to come across an injured animal and then just leave it, hoping someone else will take care of it. I know my kids get really invested in taking responsibility for the animal. They feel empowered and great compassion. Even if we are just helping a turtle across the road, they know it is the right thing to do - and insist upon it. Of course, for the most part, parents need to be the ones picking up the animal. A towel and animal carrier usually do the trick just fine.

We always give the Rehab Center a donation when we drop off an animal. And we have gotten to know the woman who runs it, so we can periodically take a tour of the facility and bring in wish list items. Over the years we have learned so much about wild animals and have even been able to care for some ourselves.

So, please find a local center where you take an injured wild animal. It is not always convent, but it is always worth it.

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