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Monday, August 6, 2012

monday mission :: attend a convention

Have you ever taken your kids to a convention? It is something that was never even on my radar until my children's interests led us to them and now we are avid convention goers. We have been to several reptile and exotic animal shows, a bird show, Maker Faire, homeschool conventions, LLL conventions and doll shows. I really want to attend a Lego convention and maybe a comic or Star Wars one too.

Most conventions have educational talks and lots of things to touch or make. And they are noisy and loose enough that it is not a problem bringing younger kids and babies (that was a huge factor for us not too long ago).

What I appreciate about conventions, is that they are not only educational (I always learn something new and fascinating) but I love getting to meet people who are passionate about their interests. It seems so easy to be on autopilot these days, but what a inspiration to hang out with people who are so vibrant and willing to share their hobbies and professions! 

This mission might not be able to take place this week, but you can do some research and see what conventions are upcoming in your area. Put a few on your calendar! 

Here are some useful links:

Search your local newspaper and convention center websites. Sometimes, things really sneak by so check frequently.

Search websites like:

Here is a site for unschooling events:

Maker Faire Events:

Doll Shows:

So, I am very curious about the conventions and conferences you have been to. Especially, the great ones. Please leave info and links in the comments!


  1. Although not a true conference, we went to Brickfair this weekend. So many legos! My kiddos were delighted. I was impressed b all the individual creations made by young and old. I have also been to homeschooling and lll conferences. We would like to attend Minecraft con and perhaps more lego ones.

    1. My kids would flip over that! I have not been able to find anything Lego here at all. Maybe that will change now that we have Legoland. We have not played Minecraft, but are just now looking into it. Is it great?


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