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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

make a mushroom spore print

With all the the rain we have had recently in Florida, I knew we would be able to find a lot of mushrooms. Our yard can be filled with them within just a few days. I had been intrigued with spore prints for a long time, and after seeing how very simple this was - I think it will be something we do over and over.

What you need:

mushrooms from your yard

simply cut the stem down so you can set the mushroom gill side down, cover with a big glass bowl, and wait. Ours dropped their spore by the next morning (under 24 hours).

Then - apply open ended learning to it.

The design is beautiful. 

Draw it. 
Paint it. 
Photograph it.

Look at the spores underneath the microscope.

Look up what else has spores.


  1. Love your simple exploration ideas with the mushrooms you found! I just pinned to share! ~heather

  2. We did this last year as part of our botany block. Such a great way to connect art and science. Thanks for linking up to Waldorf Wednesday.


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