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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

exploration lab :: photocopy your body

For this exploration lab, we had to field trip the first part. The kids loved going to the office supply store and photocopying their hands. If the copiers were not so high we could have done other parts of our bodies, but this time we focused on our hands.

When we came home we used markers, stickers, crayons, colored chalk (the most vibrant) and water colors to decorate them. We made plenty of copies, so were able to try so many different ideas and techniques. 

We made maps of our hands.

We decorated our hands.

And we turned our hands into landscapes. 

This is such a great activity, and the variations are limitless. We are still experimenting and thinking up new ideas. 

Tomorrow, I will share our self portraits that we did using this technique. 

Have you done this with your kids? What was the experience like? Did you have a favorite art material?


  1. Great idea! Bet they are fun to see years from now when the hands are different sizes.

  2. I love seeing all the different ways you played with your photocopy images. We're fans of the photocopy machine too!!

  3. This is so cool! I love the landscape one, especially. I've been meaning to try some multi-media photo art like this with the girls, but our printer hasn't been working the greatest so I've been reluctant to waste the time/paper/ink printing photos. This is a fantastic alternative to printing photos!

  4. Cute! I have never photo copied my kids hands, but I remember doing that as a kid and I loved it then :)


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